American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities

The American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities is an international platform for Social Scientists, Bioethical Scholars, Medical Professionals, Scholars in Humanities and Professors involved in all kinds of Research to publish their research findings.
AJSIH also makes available to the scholarly world Original Articles, Survey and Review papers from researchers in their field, thus encouraging scholarly insight and proper understanding of the state of the philosophy and trends in knowledge. The contents can include the creative applications and original scholarly researches from all streams of the scholarship. 
The Editorial Board of AJSIH is made up of distinguished scholars from around the world with impeccable track record in their various fields. These are scholars who have published more than Three Hundred (300) articles each, mostly in international journals. 
The American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities is a reputable and excellent research paper publisher in all fields of academic stream, with an uncompromising reputation for quality and timely journal services. AJSIH is an open access journal which publishes bimonthly. It is available online and printed version which could be accessed only on request. We provide the platform for publication of your scientific researched papers.


Vol 6 No 2 (2016): June 2016

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