PRA-Based Rural Development Strategy

(Case Study Rostaq Rural District, Yazd)

  • Hossein Khademi Payam Noor University of Tehran
  • Abdolreza Roknoddin Eftekhari Payam Noor University of Tehran
  • Bibi Razieh Hashemi Majoumard Payam Noor University of Tehran
  • Seyyed Ali Sina Bamzar Tarbiat Modares University
Keywords: rural development, strategy, strategic planning, Rostaq rural district, SWOT model


Given there are many rural areas in Iran, and also, the fact that they have a diversity of problems,
needs, requirements and potentials, strategic planning on local level is one of the main methods
to achieve the goals of rural development. This research aimed to study Rostaq rural district,
Yazd, using analytic-descriptive method within the framework of strategic planning method by
indentifying advantages, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of rural communities. The main
question of this research was, “what are proper and optimal strategies of rural development in the
studied area?” To answer this question, data collection was carried out using field studies and
through holding participatory rural appraisal (PRA) courses. Data analysis was conducted using
SWOT model, and SPSS software. The results suggested that aggressive model was the best one
considering internal and external situations in this area; and that, as the top priority, potentials
and existing capabilities must be used to take opportunities of rural development.

Author Biographies

Hossein Khademi, Payam Noor University of Tehran

Payam Noor University of Tehran

Abdolreza Roknoddin Eftekhari, Payam Noor University of Tehran

Payam Noor University of Tehran

Bibi Razieh Hashemi Majoumard, Payam Noor University of Tehran

Payam Noor University of Tehran

Seyyed Ali Sina Bamzar, Tarbiat Modares University

Geography and Rural Planning, Tarbiat Modares University


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