The Future of Metaphysics in African Philosophy: an Ika- Annang perspective

  • Mendie, Patrick Johnson Department Of Philosophy, university of Calabar
Keywords: African philosophy, Metaphysics, Ika-Annang


Questions about the existence of metaphysics in African philosophy have always amounted to
implicit dismissal and those questions come with the presumption that there is no philosophy in
Africa. This work is an attempt to aptly justify and to strengthen metaphysics in Africa and its
various manifestations in African philosophy. In the history and development of philosophy, the
dominance of western metaphysics has been the central focus of studying philosophy for many
decades in various institutions of learning without reference to African metaphysics. Considering
the weaknesses and criticisms of African metaphysics; this paper argues for the existence of
metaphysics in African philosophy, using Ika Annang worldview and to show that western
metaphysical ideas should not be a model for African Metaphysics. It is posited here that there is
still a future for African metaphysics in philosophy, because metaphysics as one of the core
branches of philosophy is not limited to ethnographic walls and territorial boundaries. Thus, this
paper articulated the following as it concerned the justification for African Metaphysics using the
Ika-Annang metaphysical world-view. They include as follows: meaning and subject-matter of
African metaphysics, some approaches to African metaphysics, problems of metaphysics in
African Philosophy, the future and benefits of metaphysics in African Philosophy. The scope of
this work is based on African metaphysics using Ika-Annang metaphysical world-view. This is
done using philosophical methods of critical analysis and constructive evaluation. This paper
recommends that, metaphysics should not be understood only from the purview of western
metaphysical cultural background, but from various understanding of diferent metaphysical

Author Biography

Mendie, Patrick Johnson, Department Of Philosophy, university of Calabar

Department Of Philosophy, university of Calabar


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